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Our 1-2 hour workshop introduces children to cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as the range of emotions and daily experiences of a family in their cancer journey.

The workshop  includes a book reading of The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! and clay monster-making art activity. The book’s imaginary monster friend helps the family experience joy during this difficult time. Children identify joys and fears their clay monsters can help them with, using a range of emotion- and cancer-related vocabulary in their discussion. (Ages 4-12)

Our four session workshop series extends the Little Monster Creative Arts Experience over time to build community with children impacted by cancer. We provide hands-on creative activities to support emotional well-being and healing in an inclusive, safe space. We will read, paint, collage, play with puppets, create music, and move our bodies together. Each session includes a theme, book reading, and creative arts play. (Ages 4-12)

What Parents Say:


“The Little Monster support group has made a big difference with my kids.

I can talk to them and use the words in the book. They come to me with questions. I feel relieved knowing they are coming to you and receiving support.”


“My child had cancer when she was very young. We haven’t talked to her much about it yet. We didn’t know what to say. I think your book is a good place to start.”




What Children Say:


“The book helped me learn about healthy cells and cancer cells.”


“Which monster face do you want to make? I like this one. ”

(Makes a silly face.)


“I will give my monster 10,000 hugs to help my mommy. Will you hug my monster and help my mommy too?”


“I am flying with the wings of my monster.”


“My monster has slashes and gashes. It is ripped up. It has been through a lot to be here, but it is still here.”


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