Our parent non-profit, Well Beings Studio has released a brand new album of children’s music about feelings called Monster in Me. In collaboration with Active Learning USA, we have produced a free, virtual dance camp. Each week, the children learn a new dance to one of the Monster in Me songs. Please share with all the families you know, and have fun as we dance, feel, create and heal together!

Monster in Me (feat. Zia Amador), Written by Sharon Frances, Composed by Joris Hoogsteder

To purchase the album, please visit us on Bandcamp. All proceeds go to the Little Green Monster Project, to help more families impacted by cancer!

About Us: Well Beings Studio engages the arts to support emotional well-being of families impacted by cancer, other traumas and difficult times. We focus on understanding emotions; processing change, grief and loss; and utilizing reading, writing, and creative arts for well-being. We create arts-based resources and experiences to help families, particularly during cancer; as well as advocacy to dismantle stigmas about cancer, emotions, and reaching out for help. We are committed to inclusion, equity, and sharing multiple voices at the intersection of emotional well-being and mental health.

For more information, contact Sharon Frances, Executive and Artistic Director, sharon@wellbeings.studio