It was wonderful to meet Rachel on Facebook. She wrote about her family’s experience receiving Little Monster Friends during her cancer treatment. Rachel says, “I am a mother of 2 spunky little girls ages 4 and 2, and am living with metastatic triple negative breast cancer. I am currently in a clinical trial because all the chemos, rounds of radiation, and a mastectomy has shown no progress. As a mother of young children, in the beginning of this journey I searched for any information I could find on how to talk and interact with my toddlers about my cancer. I found some books which were good but it wasn’t until I opened the box from Little Green Monster that it hit me for the last 18months this is what I had been looking for. The kit we received was fantastic. My girls love to be crafty and when I say love I mean at 7am all the art supplies are scattered around the kitchen. For them to be able to create their own green monster was so much fun for them to do. The book is honest yet whimsical with great illustrations my girls love. It has tips and vocabulary on talking with children about cancer and how to discuss their emotions and creativity. This kit is amazing and helps my husband and myself open up the communication of my cancer with our toddlers. Plus, there are online resources that I have found helpful too. I am forever thankful I have come across the Little Green Monster Project!”

We have FREE books and monsters to give to cancer-impacted families. Please contact:

Sharon Frances (formerly Chappell), PhD, is the Executive and Artistic Director of Well Beings Studio. She is a teacher, breast cancer survivor, parent and artist, and the founder of the Little Green Monster Project.